November 2019

Wednesday 20 November 2019 is World COPD Day!

Being diagnosed with COPD can be startling news for anyone – and while we understand that COPD can be life altering – it can also provide life-affirming experiences.  We want patients with COPD to know that they are not alone – they have the support of our organization and their loved ones – and by empowering themselves with knowledge and information they may be breathless – but not helpless!  

COPD affects mainly smokers over age 40, but inhalation of smoke from biomass fuels, used for cooking and heating in poorly ventilated dwellings especially in developing countries, is also a risk factor.

The first symptoms of COPD are:

  • cough
  • sputum production
  • breathlessness during exercise.

The disease is progressive and without treatment, patients will be dramatically restricted in daily activities such as walking up a short flight of stairs, walking the dog, shopping, or even getting washed and dressed in the morning. Towards the end of the disease, total personal disability is the result, and patients require intense care, including oxygen therapy.

With World COPD Day and its related activities, we want to raise awareness of this disease and encourage people who show the first signs of COPD to go to their doctor and ask for a proper diagnosis, and if necessary for treatment

The C.A.R.E.S. Group are committed to raising awareness and support for COPD education – and in keeping with these objectives we have embarked on an initial publicity programme to raise awareness and educate the general public about COPD.

Make sure to visit our website to track our exciting publicity line-up from Monday 12 – Friday 23 November.

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